10 cool things about the customer service center


Pick us up: Get the latest issue of mtl magazine and browse our archives going all the way back to 1981.

Get green: Probably our No. 1 request is for additional recycling stickers, followed closely by requests for copies of the yearlong recycling schedule.

Drop off stuff: You can recycle household batteries and cell phones at the center.

Pay your taxes: Don’t want to stand in line? There are drop boxes to pay taxes, sewage bills and parking tickets.

Buy cool stuff: Keychains, sweatshirts, books, license plates, and lots more. Your
Mt. Lebanon gift shop.

Apply for anything: A job, a fence, a block party. Just about every form Mt. Lebanon has is
available for pickup.

Get up pretty early: In order to accommodate busy schedules, the center opens at 7:30 every weekday morning and stays open until 5.

Stay informed: Along with issues of  mtl magazine, you can also peruse copies of the
municipal budgets, pick up the latest copy of the
Almanac, and find information about upcoming events and programs.

Make a suggestion: Have an idea about something we could be doing, or doing better? Write it down and drop it in the suggestion box.

Pass the time: The center is staffed almost
entirely by charming, friendly women who would love to chat with you during their two-hour shifts. They can’t leave the desk. They’re a captive audience. Just a heads-up: There’s only one guy who works there, and he can be a little out of sorts, so if you’re looking for company, you may want to check back after he’s gone.