2015 budget preview

Municipal Manager Steve Feller is recommending that in 2015 Mt. Lebanon holds the line on millage, earned income tax and municipal sewage charges.

According to the Manager’s Recommended 2015 Budget, Mt. Lebanon’s combined budgets total $47.1 million in 2015, a reduction of $4.4 million from last year.

“In addition to providing services, we’re maintaining the infrastructure,” says Municipal Manager Steve Feller.

Once again this year, the operating budget for Mt. Lebanon’s recreation department is positive. On an operating basis, the combined recreation budget has a positive net income of $175,000.

Feller is recommending several capital replacement projects at the ice rink. A dehumidification system in the studio rink, sanding and painting of the beams in the main and studio rink and replacement of all remaining Victaulic fittings on the heating system at the recreation center totaling $277,750.

“The rink is 39 years old,” Feller says. “It’s time to reinvest in it.”

Mt. Lebanon is also allocating $87,000 for ADA ramps along Castle Shannon Boulevard, where PennDOT will be investing $1.5 million on a road rehabilitation project; $30,000 for new equipment for broadcasting municipal meetings; $10,000 for professional services for updating the municipal zoning ordinance; and $9,780 for a LED streetlight pilot program.

Other large capital purchases next year: a new combination sewer cleaning and vacuuming machine, $328,000, which will be paid for from the sewage fund; two dump trucks, three police cars, an animal control vehicle, a leaf vacuum and a fire staff vehicle for a total cost of $460,100.

An increase in the price of rock salt by more than 35 percent means Mt. Lebanon needs to add $156,000 to the snow and ice control budget.

On Saturday, November 1, the manager’s recommended budget will be available for viewing online at www.mtlebanon.org and hard copies will be at the Mt. Lebanon Public Library and the customer service center of Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building by the end of the day Friday, October 31. On November 3 and 4, the Commissioners will hold budget review sessions, which will be video recorded and streamed on the website.

At the Tuesday, November 11, Commission meeting, Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the budget, followed on Thursday, November 13 by a third review session by the Commission. The Commission is slated to vote on approval of the final budget on Tuesday, December 9. State law requires communities to have an approved budget prior to January 1 of the new year.