2023 Municipal Resource Guide: Inspections

Magnifying glass icon to indicate inspectionsChief Inspector / Zoning Officer: Rodney Sarver

PH: 412-343-3408

Email: rsarver@mtlebanon.org


he inspection office oversees all residential and commercial construction in Mt. Lebanon, both new construction and remodeling. Inspectors issue building permits and review plans for code compliance. The Inspection Office also inspects properties for compliance with the building, grading, health and safety, minimum property standards, solid waste and zoning chapters of the Mt. Lebanon Code.

NEW  The inspection office welcomed a new code enforcement officer, Jason McKown. The municipality adopted an uncontrolled stormwater ordinance, prohibiting sump pumps from discharging stormwater toward a neighbor or onto a street where it can cause icy road conditions in cold weather. The Inspection Office can guide you through the process and ensure compliance and safety are met.

A man sitting in his car looking at an overgrown yardNOTEWORTHY Inspector Brian Dinkfelt obtained his Residential Building Inspector Certification through the International Code Council, and can now assist in doing residential plan reviews and inspections.

Also noteworthy is the volume of permit applications submitted for proposed building projects. The office issued 30 percent more permits in 2022 compared with 2021. In fact the volume has increased year after year, which is a great sign that the residents and property owners are investing in the community and increasing the property values in return.

NEED TO KNOW Ultimately, property owners are responsible for all work done on their property. The Inspection office is here to answer any questions you may have and to guide you through any and all building code or zoning ordinance questions or concerns. They work with volumes of codes and ordinance sections that regulate compliance and are happy to educate and to answer any questions the residents or property owners have. Since Mt. Lebanon enforces the statewide building codes, inspectors are required to be certified as plans examiners and inspectors, and are well versed to assist you.