april 26 staff meeting update

Here are a few highlights from the regular municipal staff meeting:

—In the days following last week’s serious fire on Broadmoor Avenue in Sunset Hills, three firefighters visited 71 homes in the surrounding neighborhood, talking with residents about fire safety.  They installed 14 smoked detectors in houses that had none and found 11 houses that had  smoke detectors with dead batteries. Interestingly, the rental properties in that area had smoke detectors; it was  privately owned homes that lacked them. Please install smoke detectors and change the batteries regularly.  This is not an expensive proposition—the batteries the fire department installs last for 10 years. If you have questions about smoke detectors, call 412-343-3402.

—The public information office is working with the fire and police departments on a first-ever (hopefully annual) public safety guide that residents can keep handy year-round.  It will include information about the departments’ programs and services and include pertinent contact information.  Look for it in the June issue of Mt. Lebanon magazine.

—The police department has had a good return on the 1,000 surveys that were randomly mailed as  part of an ongoing review of the department’s mission.  Cutoff for returning the print surveys or filling them out online as specified on the survey is Friday, April 7.  Next step is to convene a 22-member focus group representing various community stakeholders.  We will keep you posted.

—National Drug Take Back Day, where people are encouraged to get rid of unwanted prescription medicines, is this Saturday at MRTSA headquarters on Cypress Way off Castle Shannon Boulevard from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  There is no charge.  Disposing of unneeded drugs in this safe manner keeps them out of waterways and away from children and pets.

—The Fresh Market should have received all approvals and be ready to roll by June 1. First step is demolition of the former Roth Carpet building.  Excavation will be required, as sewage and other infrastructure will need to be changed and upgraded.  Construction could take about a year, says Planner Keith McGill.

—Please remember that EmFinders bracelets are still available through the Fire Department.  These bracelets are intended to help police quickly  find children or people with disabilities who have a tendency to wander.  Such a bracelet could have been helpful in the search for the missing woman from Sunset Hills that concluded happily last weekend. Call 412-343-3402

—Applications for next year’s Junior Commission are on-line at www.mtlebanon.org and www.mtlsd.org.  This is a nice way for a junior or senior who is interested in public service to see how local government operates. Students of any age are welcome to observe commission meetings and to speak in public comment.  If you would like to bring a group of students, scouts or neighborhood children or teens to a meeting and would like a brief orientation for them prior to the meeting, contact Public Information Officer Susan Morgans at 412-343-2780, smorgans@mtlebanon.org.

—The tennis bubbles, which were supposed to come down last weekend and did not (because the high school wrestling team, which was to help, had a tournament) , are scheduled to come down this weekend.  League play is beginning, so it is important to get the outdoor courts  in good shape.  Thanks, tennis players, for your patience.

—Commercial Districts Manager Eric Milliron is talking with a prospective tenant about using a vacant local property as a co-working space.  There is a great demand for this sort of shared space in Mt. Lebanon; however, it is not always easy to find someone who is willing and able to be the manager.  Milliron feels this project could be very beneficial to Mt. Lebanon

—Earth Day is this Saturday at Mt. Lebanon Park from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  This is the fifth year for Earth Day, which is coordinated by Beth Hedin, Melissa Ciccozi and a corps of dedicated volunteers.  For information, go to www.earthdaymtlebanon.org.  The Relay for Life golf outing, which was cancelled last weekend due to weather has been rescheduled for this weekend. For information, call Golf Course Manager David Boal, 412-343-3754.