Artwork On Display

Art show entry by Logan Kuhlman, Junior AP Art student at Mt. Lebanon High School

The public is invited to attend Mt. Lebanon High School’s annual art show on Friday, March 31 from 7 to 9 p.m., featuring the work of AP studio art students, along with a student gallery.

This year’s theme is “Welcome to Wonderland,” and will showcase an installation in the C-20 lobby, as well as an art show in the high school’s center court, 155 Cochran Road.

Thirty AP students will showcase their portfolios from the school year, each in their own mini student gallery. But, they’ll be graded on more than just their artwork. They also have to speak to an audience, create an artist’s statement explaining their work and assemble the two-sided galleries.

“We try in our curriculum to empower students at the AP level to find their own artistic voice and their own approach through the mediums they have enjoyed or done well with,” said Jennifer Rodriguez, art teacher and fine arts chair.

At least 10 rolling panels will feature artwork from curriculum leading up to the AP level. “It’s just a special night for the kids,” Rodriguez said, adding “and the community gets to see where their tax money goes.”

Rodriguez’s students agree.

“It’s really great that the public gets to see how much time commitment we all put into our art and how much we love it,” said junior Eva Lazor. Those sentiments were echoed by senior Kathy Vo.

“I think it’s really important for us to showcase our work to the public,” and sophomore Hadly Webb. “It gives us a sense of pride to show people our work.”

Senior Emma Onder is impressed with the caliber of work done by the “amazing artists we have in this school.”

“We’re so lucky to have such an incredible art program at this high school,” said senior Maria Moon.

Admission to the all ages art show is free.  And, a note to all Mt. Lebanon High School alumni: the new Blue Devil mural will be unveiled!