Come climb with me

LeboLife blogger Robert Papke likes to travel, whether it’s locally or overseas. He always has his phone out, ready to snap a photo of the cool sights he takes in. Today, he takes us on a climb.

For a neighborhood developed around a terrain consisting of hills and valleys, neighborhood stairs act as the connective tissue between the upper slope and the lower area.

Raising my sons in the Foster Elementary School neighborhood there were several sets of stairs that served as the connective tissue within our community.

Some of the stairs connected different portions of the neighborhood, while others connected to such amenities as the T line, restaurants, shops and adjoining neighborhoods.

While recently visiting my oldest son in :os Angeles, I stayed in the Silver Lake neighborhood.

I came across some neighborhood stairs to explore. One set has historical significances, while the other set was visually simulating.

If you’d please join me, I’ll do the climbing!

Let’s Go.

Music Box Stairs

These municipal stairs shared the staring role, along with the 1930’s slap stick duo, Laurel and Hardy, in The Music Box. 

In the movie, two inept furniture movers, played by Laurel and Hardy, are tasked with delivering a piano to a home in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The only way to the client’s home is up these stairs, that is when the slapstick and the piano gets rolling.

The staircase is marked at both the top and bottom of the hillside.

The neighborhood has grown over the decades since the comic duo made their short movie. However, the stairs remain and continue to serve as the connective tissue within this neighborhood

The Micheltorena Stairs

The Micheltorena Stairs are located at 3324 Sunset Boulevard between Silver Lake Boulevard and Winslow Drive.

These stairs were a visual joy to ascend and descend.

They add a touch of whimsy as you climb.

And as you reach the top of the sloop, you feel like you “Made It Happen”, especially since there are 250 stairs to climb!

Thanks for climbing along with me. Where should we go on our next adventure? Stay tuned in the upcoming months to find out.