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Commissioners’ report: Steve Silverman

Commissioner Steve Silverman


There has been much discussion this year about trash disposal in Mt Lebanon. I believe we need a strong collective approach to increase our recycling and reduce the waste going to landfills. Mt. Lebanon residents have many recycling options available both at home and while out enjoying our community. I pushed for the recycling containers you see in our parks and business district. We placed recycling containers at the tennis center earlier this year. There are, however, many other ways material can be properly diverted from the landfill:

Here are some other ways to reduce waste going to the landfill:

In conclusion, I believe that a multi-pronged approach will increase recycling and divert trash from the landfills. Let’s make it easier for people to recycle. I think we need more access points for recycling and more community education about recycling. The Commission will obtain price quotes on weekly pickup of recycling to consider in our next contract award.

I hope this information will encourage you to prevent recyclable items from reaching the landfill. Every bit helps. Thank you for your consideration.