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PLANNING A HOME IMPROVEMENT? You may want to check to see be sure your contractor has registered with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, as most contractors are required to do so by Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act. Contractors are required to maintain minimum insurance coverage and comply with a number of consumer protection requirements specified in this law. The Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection is responsible for enforcement of these requirements. The fact that a contractor is registered does not serve as any sort of endorsement; however, each registered contractor registered has a number that may be useful if you should need to lodge a complaint. If you would like to make a complaint about a contractor, call the Pittsburgh regional office at 412-565-5135.


kindergartenREADY FOR KINDERGARTEN? Parents of the Class of 2028: it’s time to start thinking about kindergarten enrollment for the next school year. Children who turn 5 before September 8 or the first day of school (whichever occurs later) are eligible to enter kindergarten in August/September of that school year. The first day of school for 2015 is August 31. Each school holds a kindergarten orientation in the spring to introduce families to the program. The orientation dates are: Markham: April 9; Foster and Lincoln: April 24; Jefferson: May 5; Hoover and Washington: May 8, and Howe: May 15.

For more information, visit the school district’s kindergarten website or contact the school your child will be attending.

An order of Jade and Lobster California Rolls

LET’S ORDER OUT Jade Grille, the Pan-Asian restaurant that opened last year at 670 Washington Road, is now offering free delivery, says Manager Justin Liu. The fusion cuisine, which incorporates influences from many Asian countries, should be a welcome addition to the Italian and Chinese dishes that traditionally have been on-call. Delivery is available within a five mile radius of the restaurant, which includes everywhere in Mt. Lebanon. Check out the menu online at Then place your order at 412-531-6666. Pay ahead by credit card or by cash or plastic at the door.