Expanded deli, new taco place on Beverly Road

Restaurant owner Jeff Iovino kept Beverly Road hopping this summer. He has now expanded his repertoire of restaurants to three. The io Deli has moved from 300 Beverly Road into a much more spacious location at 306 Beverly Road. Now, with plenty of seating and a full kitchen, the io deli has transformed into a place where customers can sit down and enjoy a meal or grab it on the go.

The full kitchen allows Iovino, who also owns Cafe io, 300A Beverly Road, to do a lot more cooking. Along with deli sandwiches, new additions to the menu include wings, homemade chips and more made-to-order items. Iovino says they have also been able to feature more specials and they have also begun to roast their own meats.

As Iovino wraps up the finishing touches to the deli, he also has another new project underway in the old deli space. After debating on how to use the compact space, Iovino decided he wanted to bring the first taco “truck” to Beverly Road.

Taco Diablo, 300 Beverly Road, serves taco-truck style food from its indoor location. “We want to focus on being fresh with a very small menu because it’s a very small place,” Iovino says.

Taco Diablo is a grab and go concept with no seating inside the restaurant and is kid- and family-friendly. “A lot more people who do this and expand usually expand into other towns, Iovino says. “But I can be in and out of all three places every day and don’t have to travel.” Taco Diablo is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Photos by Linda Hackett