finding hope out of horror

A former commissioner recently said to me,  “You really have an interesting job.” Well, full disclosure, there are nights I get home at 9:30 after a long commission meeting or board meeting and complain—evening meetings stink, no matter how important they are.

But truly, I do have an interesting job, mainly because I meet so many interesting people.  Take, for example, the Mt. Lebanon woman who spent 2 ½ hours with me last Thursday talking about the worst drunk driving crash in history, when in May 1988 a drunk driver in the wrong lane crashed into a former school bus bringing kids home from church trip to Kings Island Amusement Park near Cincinnati. Twenty-seven people, mostly children, died because they were unable to get out of the bus before it exploded. Her then 12=year-old daughter was one of the lucky ones.  She was injured but survived.

The  crash had  a devastating impact on the entire town of Radcliff, Kentucky—their pain and grief was similar to what we have seen recently as a result of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  But the story  also is about some positive things that resulted from the horror and loss—stronger laws against drunk driving and better school bus inspection laws, for starters. And it is a message of hope, for the family went through challenging  times but the daughter ended up a productive citizen with a good job and a great husband and kids.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading about this strong mother and daughter in our May issue. Check out the trailer to the film by clicking below:

editor’s note: This is the first blog in our new lebolife blog series. In addition to staff blogs like Susan’s, we have a group of 20 or so talented residents of Mt. Lebanon who will contribute to this website several times a week. To begin, we’ll post Tuesdays and Thursdays and then take it from there. To get a look at our lineup:

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