funding for recreation improvements


The Mt. Lebanon Commission has authorized the use of money from the municipality’s unassigned general fund to pay for some much needed improvements to the recreation department facilities. A total of just under $1 million was appropriated for 11 projects, ranging in cost from $39,621 to $197,400.

Even with the release of this money, the municipality will still exceed its goal of maintaining an unassigned fund balance of at least 10 percent of its total expenditures.

“We haven’t seen this level of investment in a long time,” says Director of Recreation David Donnellan. “We’re thrilled at the opportunity to upgrade our facilities.”

Some of the work can be done immediately and some of it will have to be done in the spring because of weather considerations. Some projects require more discussion to determine an exact scope of work. Projects include:

Tennis Center Provide lighting for two courts; replace the path to the upper courts and the path and wooden steps to the practice wall with concrete sidewalks and concrete steps; make improvements to the tennis center building including flooring for the second floor, painting, bathroom improvements, new awnings, repair of the patio and replacement of the 15-year-old patio furnishings. Total cost for all three projects is $302,660.

Highland Terrace Park Resurface the basketball court and update play equipment. Cost is $48,560.

Ice Rink Replace the ceiling in the lobby, and upgrade the sound system and lighting. This work will be done in coordination with the energy upgrades currently under way at the rink. Cost is $110,100.

Golf Course Replace a 1999 Fairway mower. Cost is $39,621.

Brafferton Field Upgrades to the field, fencing and bleachers and possibly irrigation or sodding. Donnellan says this project will be bid out once a final scope of work has been determined. Cost is $197,400.

Wildcat and Middle Fields Additional parking. The project currently is planned as phased improvements to the lot adjacent to Wildcat Field. Cost is $143,000.

Community Center New flooring for the smaller community room and the hallway. The community room floor is 21 years old, and the tile in the hallway is 35 years old. Work will have to be done around the recreation program schedules. Cost of both projects is $134,150.