Guiding Through the Medicare Maze

Janet Darcangelo found negotiating the Medicare maze to be daunting, even for some-one with 40 years of financial experience. So she became an insurance agent who specializes in health care.

Planning Ahead

When Janet Darcangelo, Sandrae Drive, retired from Dollar Bank in 2019 after working nearly 40 years in banking, she found herself in the middle of a daunting task: Finding supplemental health insurance to cover the gaps in Medicare.

During a journey that included loads of research, she found an agent who helped simplify the process and made it easy for her to select the best coverage for her situation.

Now, Darcangelo wants to do the same for others. In June 2020, she joined The Clearview Group as a licensed independent agent, where she helps others select the best Medicare plan for them.

“I analyze their current situation. I take a look at what health coverage they currently have, talk to them about their budget and what plan best fits that and I try to give them all of the information that they need to make the right choice,” said Darcangelo, who has lived in Mt. Lebanon for 32 years with her husband, retired Mt. Lebanon Fire Chief Steve Darcangelo, and raised three children here.

Darcangelo’s services—covered by the insurance carriers at no cost to the consumer—make the process easy for others.

She works with people who are reaching age 65 and going on Medicare, or those who are older, retiring and leaving group coverage. “I know from my personal experience that there’s a need for education, as well as assistance, in picking the right supplemental coverage when you sign up for Medicare,” Darcangelo said.

While this used to be a face-to-face business, where conversations occurred around the kitchen table, with the pandemic, Darcangelo now meets virtually with her clients. “I can help them pick the best plan for them based on their budget and their personal risk tolerance,” she said. She also helps explain the sometimes complex terminology, helps you complete your application and follows up to make sure your plan is approved.

Darcangelo can be reached at 412-897-4621 or, or visit