A habit you won’t want to kick


We all create habits. Most of them, unconsciously.

We just do some things over and over and—blink—we have a habit. Maybe we should be paying a little more attention, because habits become a lot of who we are. Habits are the directors of a lot of what we do.

There is one habit we should cultivate: the habit of happiness. We get crushed with a lot of negatives every day. Read the papers, listen to the radio, watch TV and you have wars, riots, murders, politics, hurricanes and even hydrogen bombs.Even the people we interact with sometimes drown us in negatives. It would be natural to start expecting the worst, start looking for the dread in every situation, even to find fault in everyone we meet.

But there is another side. We live on a stunningly beautiful planet. We are gifted every day with a beautiful sun that grants us spectacular sunrises and stunning sunsets. Everywhere there are beautiful trees and flowers. There are adorable puppies, beautiful birds and noble steeds. There are many acts of kindness. There is giving and sharing.

We have the wonderful gift of  being allowed to love and be loved. We have opportunity and hope waiting for us in every hour. We have been given the gift of life.  In every minute, in ever hour, in every day, we should feel and appreciate the happiness that is here for us.

Happiness is a habit. Cultivate it with a smile on your face and in your heart every day. Get the habit.