Insomniac Kids: How Parents Can Help their Children Get More Shut-Eye

A lot of things keep kids up at night. It could be a fear of the dark, a lot of energy, a fever, or other aches and pains. But what can we do to help them? According to a study from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, there are a couple of things to help reduce all possible reasons for sleepless nights aside from routine bedtimes and limited evening activities. For instance, one major point they make to parents is to create a comfortable space for your children in their bedrooms. The best way to do this is by ensuring that their bedroom is quiet, dark, and comfortable. You want to make their room a safe place to rest, not a room they view as the place for timeout.

The best way to do that is to keep things in there to help them fall asleep as opposed to keeping them awake. It could be a favorite stuffed animal or a pillow that supports them throughout the night for a restful slumber, but not a television. This is important to emphasize to your child as they get older so they don’t begin to view their bedroom as a place to continue their daily activities. The most important takeaway for helping your child sleep is to create a comfortable atmosphere that only invites comfort and rest.


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