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Rachael Bieltz of Inglewood Drive, is the owner of Confident Birthing Pittsburgh. While that may sound like a conglomerate, it’s really Bieltz herself, a certified Lamaze instructor who goes to the homes of her clients—whether it’s a group of women or a woman and her partner—and walk them through everything they’ll need to know to ensure a confident, positive delivery.

Bieltz received her childbirth certification after completing a yearlong program at Magee Hospital. In addition to her business, she also teaches childbirth education at West Penn Hospital. Bieltz had a “wonderful” birth with her son, Jonah, who is now 2. He was born at Magee, but she used her family doctor instead of an obstetrician and instead hired a labor coach, called a doula. “I felt really supported,” she says.

Rachael Bieltz // Photo by Tirzah Griffin

Bieltz ways that being relaxed and confident can help labor go faster and easier. In addition to working with first-time moms, she also helps women who have had a C-section but plan a subsequent vaginal birth. (These days, one in three women will end up having a C-section, she says.)

Most commonly, she answers questions about how bad the pain will be and when to go to the hospital. Partners get lots of instruction, too, about how to help with comfort positions, coping techniques, how to help apply pressure and even assist with concepts of yoga. Because she is a sole practitioner and visits clients in their homes, her schedule is flexible and she can accommodate people who can’t make (or don’t want to go to) group classes. She recommends taking the class at the start of the third trimester.

Her service is a minimum of two hours at $30 an hour, but most first-time parents opt for two, two-hour sessions. Because Bieltz is certified, her fee is usually at least partially reimbursable through insurance.

Although Lamaze supports natural childbirth, Bieltz will help any woman, even those who know from the start that they want some type of anesthesia. “Everybody has the right to the birth that they desire,” she says.

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Photo courtesy Tirzah Griffin