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Lessons Learned In An RV

The Kaplan Family in Arizona

Three years ago, my husband, daughter and I embarked on an adventure from Pittsburgh to the Grand Canyon.  With our camper in tow, we spent a total of 60 hours in the car, and we only spent a few days actually visiting the Grand Canyon. Looking back on it, the best part of the trip were those hours watching endless corn fields pass, with the occasional cow and the sky above in all its phases. Here are some pointers for travelers who may also want to take the trek:

World’s Largest Rocking Chair (Casey, Illinois)

The destination is not the X on the map in front of you. It’s every day, right with you. It’s the accumulation of stories and mishaps. It’s the arguments about whose cow it is or whose bladder is made of steel. It’s the sore hip from sleeping in way a contortionist would envy. It’s the time you spent at a gas station in Utah meeting the locals while they give you a new spare tire.

Clichés exist for a reason, and this one stands true. The journey will be worth it because the trip had little to do with the destination. The end point is a formality.