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Mt. Lebanon Recreation Department Youth Basketball


The season is just beginning for the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Department’s Youth Basketball League. On Saturday, December 5, four third-grade girls’ teams competed in their very first game of the season. Scroll down to take a look at the highlights, or click here [1] for the full set of photos taken by mtl photographer, Julia O’Hara.


Sophia Antonelli [2]
Sophia Antonelli
Autumn Dowiak [3]
Autumn Dowiak
Kate Yang [4]
Kate Yang
Meredith Reisinger (Green Team) [5]
Meredith Reisinger and Lauren Anstang
Malena Lingler [6]
Malena Lingler
Lilia Harris [7]
Lilia Harris

Violet Slagle [8]

Anne Casturo and Serena Kavalir [9]
Anne Casturo and Serena Kavalir
Grace Portman [10]
Grace Portman
Lilia Harris
Meredith Reisinger [11]
Meredith Reisinger

Grace Portman Violet Slagle [12]


Want more information about the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Department? Click here [13]for a list of their programs.

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