Mt. Lebanon restaurants have gone to the dogs

a white dog sitting under a picnic table.
Jack relaxes under a picnic table at Hitchhiker Brewing.

Have you spent a random Saturday strolling down Washington Road to take in all of the shops in Uptown? Did you recently take a free afternoon to run over to Beverly Road to explore the street’s shops and offerings? On these outings, did you decide to leave your favorite canine companion at home while you grabbed a quick bite at one of Uptown or Beverly’s many restaurants and eateries?

On any given day, when Pittsburgh’s weather graces us with clear, warm skies or cool crisp nights best suited for hoodies, you may find people sitting outside an establishment with their best furry friend.

Next time you head out to your Mt. Lebanon destination, grab that leash, hook up the pooch, and bring your best friend along. With choices ranging from coffee shops to full-blown restaurants and bars, your dog can join you for any type of fare.


Situated along Washington Road in the heart of Mt. Lebanon, you’ll find a long line of shops and restaurants welcoming human and canine visitors alike. If you see somewhere with outdoor seating and a menu available, you may be able to take advantage of dining with your dog. These places are no strangers to puppy patrons.

a husky dog sitting in front of a man sitting at a table
The Saloon of Mt. Lebanon installed a hook to secure your pooch’s leash while you both enjoy a beverage.

The Saloon of Mt. Lebanon Manager and co-owner Keith Sheppard is a dog lover. The Saloon loves pooches so much that they installed dog hooks within their large windows to allow for doggie visitors to dine near their owners.

When weather permits, the windows open wide so patrons can sit inside the restaurant to enjoy something from the bar and nosh on an appetizer. As they eat, their furry companion sits securely, just on the other side of the window, enjoying a selection from the Saloon’s dog biscuit bucket.

a black lab dog sitting near some picnic tables with people nearby
The beer is great at Hitchhikers, but some customers, like Bear, come for the water.

Aladdin’s Just next door to the Saloon you’ll find café tables ready to welcome you and your dog. The café tables are so popular that general manager Rafah Ayoub has noticed coffee stains on the tables before the eatery even opens.

During business hours Ayoub and staff look forward to greeting their regular canine visitors, including one so small that he sits nestled on his owner’s lap while being served.

Aladdin’s loves dogs so much that Ayoub and managers from the various other locations donate to local animal shelters.

Hitchhiker Brewing and Luma Venturing down Castle Shannon Boulevard will lead you to a couple of dog-friendly treasures. Hitchhiker Brewing and Luma boast outdoor seating where you can grab a quick beer at Hitchhiker or a specialty seafood dish at Luma.

Luma allows customers and their canines to visit on the front patio from May through October while Hitchhiker has seating constantly set up outside.

If you time it right, you may run into Luma’s regular corgi visitor, Lucy, or possibly a resident husky or maltipoo.

Beverly Road

a dog eating a slice of pizza on a table
Mineo’s always has a bowl of water outside its door. Officer Bear, MLPD’s bloodhound, is a semi-regular.

Among a strip of several unique shops, you’ll notice that the line of businesses on this road are accompanied by various food establishments, most allowing dogs to eat with their owners on quaint patio setups.

Bado’s Pizza Grille & Ale House Bado’s expansive outdoor deck offers plenty of space for you and your pup to savor their well-known pizza.

Whether you take your dog during the height of summer when the back patio welcomes guests, or on a beautiful November day, when the front seating is set up, Bado’s will have dog treats and water bowls at the ready for your companion. You may even run into Bear, a Newfoundland, one of the restaurant’s regulars, dining outside with his owner.

Keep an eye out for one of Bado’s Pups, Pints, and Pizza events, where dogs and their owners gather to enjoy pizza and beer on the back deck while raising money for local animal charities.

a golden retriever dog sitting in front of mediterra restaurant with tables and chairs nearby
A look at some places that cater to a canine clientele. Mediterra is a preferred spot for Boomer.

Mediterra Café After the initial location debuted in Sewickley in 2018, Mediterra Café opened its doors to customers on Beverly Road in October 2020. Family-owned and operated, the owners set up a substantial outdoor dining area for customers to dine with their dogs outside. The resraurant’s patio remains open year-round and heaters warm visitors on cooler days.

Dining solo with your dog won’t be a problem as the staff can come out to greet you and help with your order. Staff members diligently watch for four-legged visitors so they can greet them quickly. Water bowls are provided on the patio.

Coffee Tree Roasters A Beverly Road staple, Coffee Tree provides patio furniture with umbrellas year-round, weather permitting. Be sure to treat your good boy or girl to a pup cup full of whipped cream.

Oliver, a King Charles spaniel, may also be getting his daily treat with his owner when you stop by. Or you may see the resident Labradoodle or Catahoula hanging out with their human counterparts. There’s no shortage of dog spottings at this popular destination.

a dog on a bench with an ice cream cup in front of him.
C.J., Medical Rescue Team South Authority’s official spokesdog, is a regular at Coffee Tree Roasters.

Many Options

Whether you venture to Uptown for the day or head over to Beverly Road, you’ll find plenty of places to stop with your dog for a bite to eat. Various establishments along these roads sell local favorites ranging from ice cream, pastries, and snacks to bar food, pizza, and even a full-blown, full-service  meal.

Remember that service dogs are the only ones permitted inside restaurants.

If you see a Mt. Lebanon restaurant with outdoor seating, check with an employee to see if your best friend will be permitted to join you outside for your meal. If you visit these places enough, dog-loving staff members will surely remember your dog and welcome you back anytime you want to  dine outside.