new board and authority members

Mt. Lebanon has 15 volunteer boards and authorities that advise the commission on many topics.  Most board members are appointed for three-year terms, after which they are eligible for reappointment to a second term. Some boards consist of members appointed by ward; some boards are composed completely of “at large” members and others are a combination.  On Monday  evening, the Commission thanked all board and authority members for their service.  They reappointed the following residents to second terms: Dale Cowher, economic development council; William Callahan, historic preservation board; June Swanson and Joseph Wertheim, library board; Bruce Parry, parks advisory board; Jacklyn Dunn, planning board; Lee Adams and Lisa Brown, traffic board; Tom Dempsey and Kevin Abbott (alternate), zoning hearing board.

New board members appointed are: Chad Michaelson, board of appeals; Samuel Ray, civil service board; Karen Durham and Jennifer May, community relations board; Steven Noorbakhsh, environmental sustainability board; Michelle Winowich-Zmijanac, historic preservation board; David Franklin and Hugh Beal, parks advisory board, and Christopher McMahon, pension advisory board.

Appointments go into effect March 31.  For more information about boards and authorities or to download an application, go to