new trash collection schedule for some streets

Beginning the week of April 21, some residents who live on private streets and lanes will see a change in their trash collection schedules.

Public works director Tom Kelley met with Republic Services this week to work through some service issues on Forest Glen, Parkridge Lane, Hartle Lane, Morton Lane, McCormick Lane, Williamsburg Lane and Arlington Park, where some residents have complained of erratic service and others weren’t sure which days to put out trash and recycling. Under the previous contract, these streets were serviced on a staggered schedule by a small packer truck because the standard trucks used by the previous contractor were too large to navigate these narrow streets and lanes. Republic’s trucks are smaller and can service these streets, eliminating the need for a separate pickup. Now these streets will be placed on the same schedule as the other surrounding streets.

As of April 21, trash and recycling service on Morton Lane, Williamsburg Lane, McCormick Lane and Arlington Park will be moved from Monday to Wednesday. Recycling will continue on the “B” schedule. Trash and recycling services on Parkridge Lane, Forest Glen and Hartle Way will be moved from Monday to Thursday. Recycling will continue on the “A” schedule. Residents who are affected by this will receive letters describing the changes.