on washington road

A walk down Washington Road this morning revealed a lot of new and positive things.  If you haven’t been Uptown for a while, today’s beautiful weather makes it  the perfect time to have lunch at one of the many restaurants and check out what’s new.  Here’s a short overview:

  • The SpringHill Suites hotel, scheduled to open in the spring, is starting to look like a real building, with framing that reveals what its total height and shape will be.  With the sidewalk closed, negotiating that block of the road remains a challenge; still it  will be worth it in the long run.  Don’t forget to patronize the businesses such as Create-a-Frame/Handworks,  Facade and Art Loft that have moved near the hotel  in anticipation of its opening, but are a bit hard to get to right now.
  • Beehive Needle Arts has moved across the street from its former location into a larger, attractive space in what we still after all these years refer to as the “Cyclops Plaza.”  It is right next door to L.J.Marks Jewelers.  Large picture windows make it easy to see the lovely needlepoint canvasses you can buy there—many of them themed for holidays from Halloween through Christmas. They also offer fibers. books and accessories, and lots of advice.  http://www.beehiveneedlearts.com/
  • Walnut Grill is now offering delivery, a nice alternative to the typical pizza and Chinese take-out.  Orders must be at least $25 and there is a 10 percent delivery charge.  View the menu at http://walnutgroverestaurant.com/menu/
  • Betsy’s Ice Cream is now open Sundays. There is free parking for Betsy’s customers in the Stevenson Williams lot behind the building.  Just don’t get stuck there after hours. http://www.betsysicecream.com/index-1.html
  • Ona Boutique, which always has beautiful window displays, has a couple of gorgeous long-sleeved, comfy looking wrap dresses in the window that would look good on women of any age. This is not just a shop for twentysomethings but a good place for anyone who wants to look fashionable.
  • We met a stylisth young woman with shiny magenta hair and commented on her attractive  haircut. She said she worked at Salon Beleza, 603 Washington Road across from Rolliers.  If you’re looking for a salon, this might be a fun place to try. http://www.salonbeleza.biz/
  • Don’t forget that a number of the restaurants—The Saloon, Aladdins, Il Pizzaiolo, Walnut Grill and Bistro 19 (pictured above) offer outdoor dining—at least for a few more weeks.  Enjoy!