Online Gateway

Requesting overnight parking—which can be a pain because there is a limited window of time to call and no answering machine—just got easier. So did a lot of municipal chores, which you can now accomplish online by clicking on MyLebo on the left-hand menu of the municipal homepage,

Users will be able to accomplish multiple tasks from a single point of logon; simply supply  a name and email address and create a password. People who already have non-emergency LeboALERT accounts will not need to establish new accounts; they can click on myLebo and sign in using their email addresses as user names.

Once the account is set up, a resident can sign in 24-7 and report needed repairs such as burned out street lights or damaged street signs, request municipal tree trimming, report potholes, report missed trash pickup and apply for and pay for permits including building, block party, occupancy, demolition and fence permits.

You can even pay parking tickets using a credit card, although you have to wait up to 48 hours after a ticket is issued to allow for computer data input. Information entered into the system automatically goes to the appropriate department. MyLebo—dubbed “the virtual gateway to your community”—will create an accurate record of residents’ interactions with local government and allow requests to be processed more quickly. Phase II of MyLebo, currently in the development stage, will offer an online LeboStore where people will be able to purchase Lebo merchandise, parking permits and special events tickets using a credit card. Municipal departments currently are considering other services that might be added in Phase II.