parks and rec

Public works crews are still hard at work getting the parks and fields tuned up for summer. This week, the steel railing on the bridge at Williamsburg Park was repaired. Damaged sections that were bent by fallen trees were cut out, and new sections were welded in place. Crews also repaired sections of split rail fence in Robb Hollow Park near Painters Run, removing and replacing 24 posts and 24 rails. Crews began trimming vegetation and cleaning paths and walkways that are used by pedestrians throughout the community. The roadway and area surrounding the shelter in Bird Park were repaired. Wet organic material was excavated from poor drainage areas and replaced with recycled asphalt on the roadway and stone in the area surrounding the shelter. The ornamental beds in Clearview Common were cleaned and mulched.

Crews completed additional seeding and fertilization to Bird Park and Mellon soccer fields. Crews slit-seeded Bird Park with 600 pounds of perennial ryegrass, added topsoil to the crown and aerated with a shatter tine aerator. Thin areas of Mellon field were over-seeded with 450 pounds of perennial ryegrass.

At the annual soccer coaches’ meeting, the count for spring soccer totaled 183 kindergarten boys and girls playing on 16 teams, and 302 preschool-aged children playing on 26 teams. In all, that’s 485 kids playing on 42 teams.