paying sanitary sewage bills just got easier

Last fall, residents began receiving separate monthly bills for water and sanitary sewage.  (For many years, the Alcosan sewage charge, which is based on water usage , was included in the water bill, but Pa-Am Water decided to discontinue the joint billing).  Residents now receive their monthly sewage statements from Jordan Tax Service.

Until recently, there were two ways to pay the sewage bill:  write a check and mail it directly to Jordan Tax Service  or write a check and drop it off at the municipal building customer service center to be forwarded to Jordan. Both of those options still exist; however, if you choose to drop the payment at the municipal building, you need to do so a week in advance of the due date  on the Jordan bill—that  is the date by which it must reach Jordan, not the municipal building.

Two newer options  may appeal to residents who are comfortable paying bills online.  The first is paperless billing—a money saver for both the municipality and the resident in that no paper bill needs to be printed or mailed.  If you sign up for paperless billing, you will receive an email allowing you to view your bill online.  You may then pay your bill via electronic debit from your bank account , either on a monthly or on an ongoing automatic debit basis.  To sign up for paperless billing, go to You will need  the district code, account number and zip code from your billing statement along with your checking account number, You may choose your own login and password. Directions for signing up appear at the upper left-hand corner of your paper statement.

The other option is to pay using your bank’s online bill pay system. Simply add Jordan Tax as a payee using the information on the paper statement.  When you receive your bill in the mail, schedule it for online payment just as you do any other  bills you pay online.

If you have questions about your sanitary sewage bill, call Jordan Tax Service before the due date at 412-835-5243 and choose Option 4 or email