Poor Paul: Now Streaming

Poor Paul, the action-comedy starring Mt. Lebanon native Nick Pasqual, is now streaming for your viewing pleasure.

Mt. Lebanon Magazine first told you about the film when it premiered at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont last summer. Filmed in 13 days, Poor Paul is based on a web series that Pasqual’s colleagues produced in 2008 and 2009. The film tells the story of Paul, a socially awkward college student who lives vicariously through his hero fantasies. After inheriting 500,000 frequent flier miles, he takes his roommates on a trip around the world only for them to find themselves held hostage by an Italian father, hell-bent on his daughter marrying an American.

Adam Carbone, Courtney Danforth, Abhi Sinha and Nick Pasqual in scene from Poor Paul. Photo: Tony Beretto

Pasqual co-stars with childhood friend and Pittsburgh native Abhi Sinha in the misfit comedy, which Pasqual also produced. Fearsome Beast Entertainment’s H. Paul and Susan Pasqual, Shady Lane, served as executive producers.

Pasqual recently signed a distribution deal to bring the flick to Amazon Prime, YouTube movies and several other streaming services, with more to come. “Making an independent film is a labor of love, and when you’re lucky enough to be in the roughly eight percent that secure distribution, it really makes me feel like we hit a home run!” he said.