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DON’T BE FOOLED Pennsylvania American Water Company spokesperson Jo Posti warns people about about a common ruse that has not happened in Mt. Lebanon recently but surely could. A thief poses as a utility worker, gains entry and robs a house. People claiming to represent the “water company” or another utility will use a variety of excuses to enter the home. For example, they are supposedly investigating a “dirty water” complaint by a neighbor or checking water pressure due to a main break nearby. Once inside the home, the imposters typically divert the resident’s attention by sending him/her to the basement or kitchen to run a faucet while they or an accomplice rob another area of the home.

You can prevent becoming a target by taking precautions, Posti says. It is extremely rare for utility company personnel to show up at a customer’s home without an appointment, and all water, gas and electric company workers are required to carry a photo ID. If a utility worker comes to your door unexpectedly, ask for a photo ID, and take the time to examine the ID badge. If you are still unsure and have any suspicions about the person’s identity, call 911. Do not let the person enter your home.


MRTSA HONORS Medical Rescue Team South Authority Paramedic Josh Stuart, who has served with MRTSA for 23 years, is the new chair of the Pennsylvania EMS for Children Advisory Committee. Composed of pre-hospital providers, physicians, nurses, injury prevention advocates, and parents, the committee serves as a forum for issues that have potential impact on the emergency care and transport of pediatric patients. In addition to being a paramedic, Stuart also is a MRTSA trainer, or “preceptor,” and is the Child Passenger Safety and Community Outreach Coordinator. He lectures at regional conferences and is a member of the Pittsburgh Critical Incident Stress Management Team. Stuart has received the EMSI Paramedic Recognition Award, and the 2009 Pennsylvania Amanda E. Wertz Memorial EMS for Children Award, the highest possible recognition for an EMS provider for pediatric EMS care in the state… MRTSA Paramedic John Gabrick’s paper, “Be Wary During ECG Analysis in the Geriatric Population,” has been published in the national Journal of Emergency Medical Services. It’s the first time a MRTSA employee has had a paper published in that prestigious journal. The paper describes care of a woman with a pacemaker and vague cardiac symptoms.