Public safety

LOOK UP LEBO We’ve all heard the adage “The pedestrian always has the right of way.” But that doesn’t mean the pedestrian should always expect a vehicle to stop.

In fact, drivers are not required to yield to walkers standing on the sidewalk looking like they may want to cross in the crosswalk. Pedestrians must actually be in the crosswalk to have the right of way. We know what you’re thinking. But who wants to be in the crosswalk before seeing if the car is going to yield? That’s why it’s a good idea to make your intentions known. Step into the crosswalk but leave enough room for the car to see you. Then wait for the car to stop before proceeding full-on into the crosswalk. Neither party should assume.

Drivers should always be prepared to stop at a crosswalk, especially the several mid-block crosswalks we have in Mt. Lebanon. And drive slowly as you approach the crosswalks so you have time to see if a pedestrian is approaching. Drivers should stop well behind the crosswalk so other vehicles behind (and in other lanes) can see the pedestrian. And never, ever pass a car stopped at a crosswalk. You may not be able to see the pedestrians in that crosswalk.


CHILD SEAT CHANGES Pennsylvania state law for child safety seats got more restrictive last year, and while police could enforce the rules, parents had a bit of a cushion until this August to get used to it before police were permitted to write citations. But now, the new law is in full effect.

Children younger than 2 must ride in a rear-facing safety seat, until the child outgrows the weight and height limits designated by the seat’s manufacturer. Children younger than 8 must ride in a booster seat until they are 4’ 9” or 80 pounds. The fine for violations is $75 plus court costs.

If you’re unsure if your seat is installed properly, you can make an appointment with one of MLPD’s certified child passenger safety technicians who would be happy to inspect your child safety seats free of charge.  Call or email Cpl. Mike Smakosz at (412) 343-4068 or to set up an appointment. Our ambulance service, Medical Rescue Team South Authority, also has certified technicians on staff. To have your seat checked for free at their Cypress Way headquarters, visit