recap: artists’ market

Saturday and Sunday, tucked behind PNC Bank in Uptown Mt. Lebanon, dozens of white tents crowded together as residents browsed the wares. The Artists’ Market gave 64 local artists the chance to showcase and sell their work, while shoppers enjoyed access to original and handmade jewelry, clothing, sculptures and more. Plein Air Mt. Lebanon organized the artists’ market as part of its weeklong celebration of the arts, including a caricature artist, several food trucks and live music.

online exclusive logoIf you either missed the artists’ market or want to take a second look at some of the artists’ work, the full list of vendors with their contact information is below.

Marsha Aarons: Garden of Beaden (Jewelry), 412-362-0328

Charlie Alessi: Three Rivers Clayworks (Ceramics), 412-583-6281,

Daniel Andre: Knights of the Classroom (Metal), 412-672-1989

Blake Anthony: Pittsburgh Pottery (Ceramics), 412-613-9233,

Chuck Beard: Abandoned Pittsburgh (Photography), 412-716-8283,

Malia Bennett: Maddriel Pottery (Pottery), 412-561-1042,

Nicole Bloch: Erra Creations (Jewelry), 412-370-1469,

Georgette Austin: Georgette Frances Jewelry (Jewelry), 412-999-0472,

Barbara Benjamin: Mosaic Abstracts (Mosaics), 412-580-2295

Pat Berkley: Pat Berkley Designs (Jewelry), 412-260-1125,

Samantha Bower: Designs-by-Samantha (Jewelry), 412-403-3878,

Jenny Butterfield: Jenny Butterfield Designs (Jewelry), 412-855-1757,

Armando Camillo: Steelworks Photography (Photography), 412-722-3251,

Kathryn Carr: Go Carr Go (Paper), 904-392-6529,

Audrey Celmo-Kelly: ACK! Creates (Glass), 412-877-5489,

Robert L. Clegg (Mosiacs), 412-720-6185,

Susan Corry (Jewelry), 412-965-7506

Charles Cwenar: Dances with Color (Photography), 412-901-8705

Scott Davidson: Image Circle (Photography), 724-924-9139,

Richard Dickman (Ceramics), 412-608-3351

Jennifer Dinovitz: JD Designs (2-D Paper), 412-605-2870

Diana Dugina: La Marido Art Glass Jewelry (Jewelry), 412-561-0248,

Gerry Florida: Florida Recycled (Jewelry), 412-298-2136

Toby Atticus Fraley (Ceramics),



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Kim Fox: Worker Bird (Mixed Media), 412-889-3507,

Megan Gillis: Megan Gillis Jewelry (Jewelry), 484-888-6654

Tina Marie Goff: Still Blooming (Ceramics), 412-216-1739,

Larissa Graudins: Rissi Designs (Jewelry), 724-746-3344

Keith Hershberger: Union Project (Ceramics), 724-516-9427,

Adam Hinderliter: A+H Photography (Photography), 814-241-4222,

Carole Hodes: Carole Hodes Designs (Ceramics), 412-427-0919

Lindsay Huff: Huffalo (Jewelry), 412-848-8093

Donald Jones: Jones Robo-Works (Mixed Media), 412-478-9162,



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LaVerne Kemp: The Warped Weaver (Fiber), 412-758-5667,

Sandy Kephart (Fiber Sculpture), 412-372-8044

Sandra Klink: Wonderous Creatures (Fiber Sculpture), 724-518-0432

Karen Krieger: Karen Krieger Studio (Jewelry), 412-343-3025,

Maria Paul Kyros: MP Kyros Jewelry (Jewelry), 412-613-3884,

Aileen Lampman: Ai Jewelry (Jewelry), 814-883-3490,

Laurie Leonard: Laurie Leonard Designs (Jewelry), 412-818-4646,

Brett Mason: Brett Mason Paintings (2-D), 412-877-2437,

Becky Mayhew: The Art Shoppe (2-D), 724-413-9521,

Karen McKee: Robyn’s Nest Pottery (Ceramics), 412-977-8937,

Katlynn McMurtry: Katie Koenig Art (2-D), 412-715-5866,

Olga Mihayloya (Jewelry), 412-736-8133,

Samantha Momeyer: Momeyer Pottery (Ceramics), 724-579-4343

Paula Nettleship: designs2c (Jewelry), 412-400-7800

Lisa Parker: On the Rocks Designs (Jewelry), 412-206-9156,

Janice Patrignani (Fiber), 917-379-2957,

Maxine Plotkin: La Quina/Max Fay Designs (Jewelry), 412-848-4621,

JoAnn Portnoy: JoAnn Leardi Portnoy (2-D), 412-760-6385,



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Ruth Richardson (2-D), 412-279-0344

Jaime Roman: Seedlings Wire Art (Wire Sculpture), 412-892-8059

Jessica Rutherford: Jessica Rutherford Designs (Jewelry), 412-951-8825,

Sheila Schmeltz: Sew Many Creations (Jewelry), 412-656-5138,

Jeanne Shuff: Jeanne Marie Jewelry (Jewelry), 412-298-4050

Samantha Skelton: Samantha Skelton Jewelry (Jewelry), 814-450-3572,

Florence Smith: DJOI Designs (Jewelry/Leather), 412-977-1133

Steve Strouse: Strouse Woodworking (Woodworking), 814-880-9499,

Jenna Vanden Brink: Union Project (Ceramics), 313-580-5022

Paul Wegweiser (Metal), 410-303-2807,

Amanda Wolf: Wolf’s Den Pottery (Ceramics), 724-422-0170,

Diane Wright: Diane Wright Designs (Jewelry), 412-897-2561,



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Jim Zaccone: Jim Zaccone Photography (Photography), 412-952-9904,

Francine Zajac: Earth Tones Pottery (Ceramics), 724-747-1338,