Road Reconstruction to Continue

As uncertainty continues in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, some things remain constant. Yes, we will be dodging orange cones again this summer.

The Mt. Lebanon Commission approved just over $2 million for road reconstruction this year. The work, to be done by Niando Construction, includes reconstruction and drainage improvements on a total of 10 streets.  Several more streets will be resurfaced. A complete list is available here.

Of the $2,089,901.50 total cost, $726,935 comes from Mt. Lebanon’s stormwater fund, established in 2011 to pay for mandated improvements to the municipality’s stormwater infrastructure. The remainder is funded through Mt. Lebanon’s Capital Improvement Plan, a budget for big-ticket items that fall outside the cost of daily municipal operations.

Each year, the public works department works with Gateway Engineers to evaluate the condition of streets and compile the annual reconstruction list using a software program called Pavement View Plus.

Pavement View Plus uses a numerical ranking system that decides if a street needs reconstruction, taking into consideration several factors:

Type of street (determined by the amount of traffic it carries.) Arterial streets are heavily traveled main roads; collector streets connect neighborhood streets and arterial streets; neighborhood streets are residential, dead-end and culs de sac, which do not bear a heavy traffic load.

Street composition Whether the road is made of brick, concrete or asphalt, all of which affect the process and cost.

History of the road When it was last reconstructed or repaired.

Type and extent of damage to the road Each defect in the surface is given a numerical value, which is subtracted from 100 to arrive at the Overall Condition Index (OCI) number. A score of 85 to 100 indicates a street that needs no repair; 60 to 84 calls for minor repairs; 45 to 59 requires major repairs; and an OCI below 45 means that section of street needs structural repairs or reconstruction.

Reconstruction involves excavating all layers of the road and rebuilding it. The excavation could go as deep as 24 inches. The scope of improvements includes concrete curb replacement and the installation of  11 inches of bituminous material.

Residents on streets scheduled for reconstruction will receive letters with specific information. People who need to park on adjacent streets will not get tickets. Arrangements for moving, special deliveries or medical transport may be made by calling the contractor noted in the letter.

Slated for reconstruction are:

Arden Road from Beverly Road to North Meadowcroft Avenue
Firwood Drive 1225 to 1145 Firwood
Helen Drive Holly Lane to 1739 Theodan Drive
Hemlock Street  Hazel Avenue to 15 Hemlock Street
Parker Drive Overlook Drive to Hillcrest Place
Pinewood Drive 1217 to 1155 Pinewood
Rocklynn Place Washington Road to 30 Rocklynn
Sandrae Drive Pat Haven Drive to Payton Drive
Summer Place Austin Avenue to Greenhurst Drive
Whitmore Street Kewanna Avenue to Vermont Avenue