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You can help solve crime in Mt. Lebanon just by using your phone. The Mt. Lebanon police department has two ways you can send in crime tips anonymously: by using the Tip411 app or by texting. The third party software removes all your personal identifying info so the police will not know who you are.

To use the app, search for it by typing in “MLPDTIPS” in the App Store on your Apple phone or in Google Play on your Android phone. Download the app and follow the simple instructions. You can even attach a photo to give officers more information to work with.

To text, open your text messenger and type in 847411 in the “To” box. You MUST start the body of text with the letters MLPDTIPS (and then hit the spacebar) before beginning your message. This will route it to the Mt. Lebanon police. When you hit send, you will get a confirmation text from the department. If you did not receive confirmation, the text did not go through.

No matter which method you choose, an officer may message you back for more information, but again, he does not know who you are or have any of your identifying information.

Please do not use either method for reporting crimes in progress. Only use 911 for that. Although these tip methods are monitored at all hours, there is no guarantee that someone will see the tip quickly.

See how it works: