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With Christmas and New Year’s on the horizon, many people are dreading the thought of stepping onto the bathroom scale in the weeks ahead.

It’s not only the extra weight that strikes fear in their hearts, but the potential for disease or complications involving current medical conditions.

St. Clair Hospital’s nutrition therapy program can help alleviate that fear and concern. The hospital’s registered, licensed dietitians have developed a program that uses evidence-based information and the latest research to deliver personalized strategies for healthful living.

St. Clair Hospital Dietician Jean P. Lewis
St. Clair Hospital Registered Dietician Jean P. Lewis

Each participant in the program meets with a registered dietitian, who carefully reviews medical history, current eating habits and personal wellness goals before crafting a personalized nutrition plan.

Nutrition therapy is perfect for individuals suffering from a host of ailments, including cancer, celiac disease, COPD, diabetes, digestive disorders, gestational diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease, liver disease, osteoporosis, prenatal care, wound care, weight management, including following bariatric (weight loss) surgery and more.

Many health insurers provide reimbursement for nutrition therapy program fees, but potential participants are urged to confirm the extent of coverage before scheduling a consultation for the program. Consults are conducted in the nutritional services offices at St. Clair Hospital. To schedule an appointment, please call 412.942.2151.

For those interested in group nutrition counseling, St. Clair offers “A Weigh of Life,” a seven-week program led by a registered dietitian. Topics include emotional eating, weight loss without chronic hunger and eating healthfully outside the home. Please call 412.942.2150 for more information on “A Weigh of Life.”