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Since joining the Mayo Clinic Care Network in late August, St. Clair physicians have had access to the expertise, knowledge and in-depth research of one of the preeminent health care institutions in the world. This clinical collaboration between physicians at St. Clair and Mayo Clinic, which is benefitting patients with challenging medical conditions, is being provided at no additional cost to patients and insurers.

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The collaboration—unique in western Pennsylvania—offers enormous advantages to St. Clair patients, who are receiving the clinical expertise of Mayo Clinic while still being cared for by their trusted St. Clair physicians without ever having to leave this area.

Mayo Clinic resources and services available to St. Clair physicians include:

eConsults  Enables St. Clair Hospital physicians to connect electronically and directly with Mayo Clinic specialists for more input on a patient’s care.

AskMayoExpert  A database for reference at the point of care to offer the latest Mayo Clinic-vetted information on the evaluation and treatment of various medical conditions.

eTumor Board Through these conferences, St. Clair physicians present and discuss complex cancer cases with a multidisciplinary panel of Mayo Clinic specialists and other network members.

St. Clair providers also can access Mayo Clinic’s extensive library of patient education materials and archived Mayo Clinic grand rounds presentations featuring Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists.

Before inviting a hospital to join the network, Mayo Clinic conducts a thorough and rigorous evaluation that encompasses clinical services, safety, quality, business practices, values and overall environment of care. Hospitals that are selected must demonstrate a shared commitment to Mayo Clinic values—particularly to putting the patient first.

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