St. Clair checkup

Board-certified otolaryngologist Shelly J. McQuone, M.D., FACS, now seeing patients in her new office in the St. Clair Hospital Professional Building, enjoys the diversity of her work and the mix of patients, who range from infants to elderly people.

McQuone’s specialty is thyroid and parathyroid surgery, but she offers treatment for a broad range of conditions—head and neck cancers (such as cancer of the thyroid and parathyroid, larynx, esophagus, tongue and lymph nodes), ear infections, thyroid disease, vocal cord disorders, sinus problems, allergies, airway obstructions, cleft palate, ear disorders and hearing loss, balance problems and facial trauma. And she performs nasal and sinus surgeries, tonsillectomies and sleep apnea surgery.

“I was drawn to head and neck surgery in medical school,” McQuone says. “It’s a combination field in many ways, both medical and surgical. The specialty is a good fit for me.”

Dr. Shelly J. McQuone
Dr. Shelly J. McQuone

McQuone’s practice at St. Clair includes an audiology department that specializes in diagnostic hearing exams and custom-designed hearing aids; an allergy service offering complete allergy testing, environmental counseling and treatment; a speech and language center with a speech and language pathologist who helps people learn to manage breathing, voice and swallowing problems, and a vestibular rehabilitation service offering a specialized type of physical therapy that helps patients experiencing balance problems, dizziness and vertigo.

McQuone completed medical school at the University of Virginia and did a residency at Johns Hopkins University, where she was named “Outstanding Resident.” She remained at Hopkins for a two-year fellowship in head and neck oncologic surgery and then joined the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

McQuone grew up in Sewickley, where she lives today with her husband James Blaugrund, M.D., an otolaryngologist, their two daughters and a student from Haiti. Schedule an appointment at 412-741-5670.