St. Clair Checkup

Dr. Andy Kiser

Andy C. Kiser, M.D., FACS, FACC, FCCP, the recently appointed Chief of Cardiac Surgery at St. Clair Hospital, is an internationally respected leader in the specialty of cardiothoracic surgery. Dr. Kiser is known for his minimally invasive surgical skills, as an inventor of medical devices and technology, and as a pioneer who has developed innovative approaches to the surgical treatment of certain cardiac conditions, including atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Kiser is transforming the treatment of atrial fibrillation, often called AFib, with a cutting-edge procedure known as paracardioscopic convergent hybrid ablation—simply put, this means he is able to directly visualize the heart using a camera placed inside the pericardium (the sac surrounding the heart) and perform procedures that blend the technology and science of cardiothoracic surgery and cardiac electrophysiology (EP) ablation procedures. St. Clair has had a highly specialized cardiac EP lab since 2013, directed by Jeffrey C. Liu, M.D., FHRS. Drs. Kiser and Liu, together, offer the convergent hybrid ablation procedure.

Atrial fibrillation, primarily a disease of aging, is the most common cardiac rhythm disorder. It occurs when the heart’s upper chambers, the atria, beat erratically, so that the heart’s pumping mechanism is ineffective and blood pools in the heart, potentially producing clots that can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. Although AFib can be mild and responsive to medication, it is never viewed as benign because of the stroke risk. It is sometimes difficult to treat and can become debilitating, interfering significantly with quality of life. Cryoballoon and radiofrequency catheter ablations, performed in the Cardiac EP lab at St. Clair, can restore normal heart rhythm for some patients with AFib, but others with persistent AFib may be candidates for Dr. Kiser’s convergent hybrid ablation procedure.

Dr. Kiser is employed by St. Clair Cardiovascular Surgery Associates, part of St. Clair Medical Services. To contact Dr. Kiser, please call 412-942-5728.