St. Clair checkup





Orthopedic surgeon Carmen Petraglia, M.D., M.S. is now practicing medicine at St. Clair Hospital, having joined South Hills Orthpaedic Surgery Associates late this summer. Dr. Petraglia specializes in spine surgery, performing the most advanced procedures to treat cervical and lumbar stenosis, scoliosis, spinal cancer and other disorders and deformities of the spine.

Dr. Petraglia greatly appreciates the challenges and rewards of his specialty. “There is so much innovation in the field, with many different approaches to treatment,” he says. “Advances such as minimally invasive surgery enable us to do precise procedures through minimal incisions, and make recovery easier for patients. And because of advances in diagnostic technology, we are better able to identify the sources of back pain and to avoid unnecessary surgery.”

The Bloomfield native, who has a graduate degree in biology from Duquesne University in addition to his medical degree from Temple University, began his professional career at Duquesne, where he piloted a program in stem cell research. In 2003, Dr. Petraglia enrolled in medical school at Temple, graduating in 2007. He then completed a residency and internship at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, as well as a residency at Johns Hopkins University, and a fellowship in shock trauma at the University of Maryland, home to one of the world’s leading trauma centers. There, Dr. Petraglia gained experience in treating severe spinal injuries, often the result of motor vehicle accidents.

Many back problems can be treated with non-surgical options, Dr. Petraglia says. “Most of the time, people with back pain do not need surgery. But you should never ignore back pain, especially if it is severe enough to disrupt sleep or is accompanied by weight loss, fatigue or loss of appetite.”

To contact Dr. Petraglia, please call South Hills Orthopaedic Surgery Associates at 412.283.0260.