St. Clair Checkup: Pre-Admission Testing Center

St. Clair Health Dunlap Family Outpatient Center.

To make sure patients are healthy and safe for surgery, most physicians require a physical exam, bloodwork and tests such as X-rays or EKGs. While patients can choose where they go for these prerequisites, they now have a convenient option.

The Pre-Admission Testing Center (PAT) at St. Clair Health’s new Dunlap Family Outpatient Center allows patients to have all their tests performed in one easy location. “Here, you can have everything done in a single visit, at your convenience,” said Thomas Natcher, Director of Perioperative Services at St. Clair. “The PAT center is used across the board, for all the surgical specialty service lines.”

PAT is staffed with an advanced practice professional who captures a patient’s history and physical, EKG and lab work prior to surgery. “It’s also a great opportunity for patients to ask questions about their upcoming procedure,” Natcher added.

The testing takes place in one of three comfortable private rooms. If imaging such as X-rays, MRIs or CTs are necessary, patients need only walk down the hallway. “Patients  have convenient access to the PAT area while on campus to prepare for their surgery,” said Natcher.

Capturing a patient’s information in one place also helps St. Clair Health ensure that each patient has had the proper tests and is stable enough to have surgery. “The creation of the Pre-Admission Testing Center is a true testimony that St. Clair believes in high quality and keeping every patient safe,” said Natcher.

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