street repairs

The public works department has released the working list of streets slated for reconstruction and maintenance. The schedule could change based on weather and other unpredictable factors, but as of right now, this is what we have. Residents of the affected streets will receive letters further explaining the timetable and the process. Thanks, all, for your patience as we maintain our infrastructure.

Reconstruction: A process that can include curb replacement, repair and replacement of sewers, manholes and underground utility lines in addition to removal and replacement of the street. Cost is about $1.75 million per mile.

Valleyview Road from 758 Valleyview to Osage Road

Woodland Drive from 102 Woodland to Vermont Avenue

Catalpa Place from Scott Road to Parkside Avenue

Jefferson Drive from Poplar Drive to 350 Jefferson Drive

Elatan Drive from Carleton Drive to 25 Elatan

Northridge Drive from 845 Ridgefield Drive to Twin Hills Drive

Moreland Drive from 665 Moreland to Kelso Road

Kurt Drive from Lindendale Drive to Lakemont Drive

Cypress Alley from Poplar Drive to the end of Cypress

Maintenance: Making spot repairs, instead of whole street reconstruction in order to extend the life of a street and keep it off the reconstruction list. Cost is about $296,000 per mile.

Scrubgrass Road from Old Hickory Road to 756 Scrubgrass

Scrubgrass Road from 756 Scrubgrass to Segar Road

Firwood Drive from Bower Hill Road to Larchdale Drive

Greenhurst Drive from Bower Hill Road to Summer Place

N. Meadowcroft Avenue from  McCully Street to Edward Avenue

Crystal Drive from Thornycroft Avenue to Broadmoor Avenue

Broadmoor Avenue from Audubon Avenue to Crystal Drive

Thornwood Drive from Shady Lane to the end of Thornwood