the best grade

Liam Streitmatter’s journey to Arrowood Drive is unusual in that it begins in France, where he lived with his grandparents.

“When I was 2, my mom wanted to have more friends and speak another language,” he said. “Now, I’m here, and I have a lot of friends.”

Liam speaks both French and English to communicate with the two parts of his family: cousins in the United States and grandparents in France.

His comfort with the topic shows his casual relationship with his transcontinental life.

Liam’s favorite part of living in Mt. Lebanon is not having to share a room with the people he refers to as “my two annoying brothers.”

He shares his home with his twin siblings, Noah and Eli, who are 7th graders at Jefferson, his parents and five animals.

He’s a fan of “the best grade” at Hoover Elementary, third, particularly because there’s no homework on Fridays.

Liam also enjoys playing basketball for the Gray Wolves with other Mt. Lebanon kids.

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