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The municipal staff really tries to answer the hundreds of weekly phone calls quickly without having to put callers on hold, but sometimes it happens. But there’s no reason that hold time should to be boring or uninformative. Sandy Marek of Mt. Lebanon’s information technology department had the idea to search for a Voice of Mt. Lebanon, to find the resident with a pleasing voice who would make the hold time seem a little shorter.

So we asked people who wanted to try their luck to leave a message on a municipal voice mailbox. A group of municipal employees narrowed the choices, and Marek put four recordings on the municipal website for a vote.

Fourth generation Mt. Lebanon resident David Nardiello is the winner. A 1995 Mt. Lebanon High School graduate, Nardiello recently moved back home after spending time in Chicago, New York City and Sydney, Australia. He is married to Stephanie, his wife of 10 years, and they have two children, Ava and Dominic.

In his spare time, Nardiello enjoys being with his family and showing them all of the great things around Pittsburgh. He is actively involved with his children’s favorite activity: The YMCA’s Indian Guides and Princesses programs. He has been in financial services for 13 years and currently is a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual. His first official act as VoML is to record a script for the hold system that won’t put listeners to sleep.