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ASH BORER TREATMENT WORKS Of the 538 trees that the Mt. Lebanon Public Works Forestry Department  treated for ash borer infestation last fall, only 33—about 6 percent—succumbed to the disease and are on the list  to be removed. Compare that number to the 284 ash trees that were not treated last fall, of which 124—almost half—need to be removed. Mt. Lebanon’s remaining 160 ash trees were treated for the infestation in the spring.



HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS Mt. Lebanon received a $4,000 Think Green grant from Waste Management, the municipal waste hauler, to help with the maintenance of flower beds throughout the community. The grant is one of 50 awarded by Waste Management nationwide.  Funds will be used to make improvements to flowerbeds in 31 highly visible locations around town.  “We’re very excited,” says Tom Kelley, public works director for Mt. Lebanon.  “These flowerbeds have enhanced the ambiance that makes people want to live in this area, and the grant money will help ensure we can keep these in the community for years to come.”