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POOL ARCHITECT SELECTED EPM Architects from Bradford Woods has been selected as architect for the Mt. Lebanon Swim Center renovation project. A full-service firm with 20 years experience, EPM has designed many recreational and municipal projects in the Pittsburgh area, including the Bethel Park Community Center, the Ross Township Municipal Center and the Norwin Library.

The $3.3 million project, funded by a bond issue, will provide zero-depth entry to the swimming pool, making it easier for children, older people or people with disabilities to enter the water. The project also provides for bathhouse renovations, including family changing facilities and mechanical upgrades such as plumbing and filtration and a pool heater.

Working with EPM on the project is Wade Associates, a swimming pool and acquatic facilities consulting firm based in Harrisburg. Wade has partnered on several projects in this area such as the Downtown YMCA swimming pool, the Thelma Lovette YMCA leisure pool, the Baierl Family YMCA indoor competition pool and outdoor leisure pool and the indoor pool at Pittsburgh Westinghouse School.

Mt. Lebanon Recreation Department officials held an initial meeting with the project team in February.

“Since the aquatic study in 2006, we have heard what residents want in the way of upgrades to the swimming facilities. It is so exciting to finally start the process to make those improvements a reality,” says Recreation Director David Donnellan.

Watch for a detailed article about the pool project in mtl’s July/August issue.

Construction will begin as soon as the pool closes for the 2013 season and will be completed in time for the summer 2014 swim season.

high school frontKEEPING US SAFE After the December shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, police officers at Mt. Lebanon Police Department offered to review security plans at the community’s schools, day care centers, churches and synagogues. This is a voluntary assessment that starts with trained police officers walking through the facilities and making suggestions for physical security and reviewing security training and protocols. Threat assessment training for the “gate keepers” of the facilities also will be available.

“Often you find that the facility has good plans, but they don’t always comply with their own plans,” says Police Chief Coleman McDonough. “Our instinct is to be courteous, so we open doors for others,” he adds as an example how someone with bad intentions might be able to enter a secure facility.

McDonough hopes to add a tabletop session and lock down drills with staff from any facility that would like to participate. Training could culminate with a full-scale active shooter scenario.

The police department sent letters to most facilities about the service, but if you were missed, contact Cpl. James Hughes at 412-343-4068.
“This process is going to take some time,” McDonough says, “but it’s worth it.”

MLFD_logoSAFETY CHECK Imagine it’s late at night and you’re awakened by the sound of your smoke alarm. The hallway outside your bedroom is filled with smoke. Do you know what to do? If you don’t, you may want to call the Mt. Lebanon Fire Department to schedule a free fire safety inspection. A trained firefighter will survey your house, check the placement of your smoke alarms and review escape routes. A few days after the inspection, you will receive a written recommendation with tips and suggestions for how to improve the safety of your house.

Home safety inspections include checking that the house number is posted and visible from street, identifying a second exit from every bedroom as well as trip and fall hazards, testing windows to ensure they open easily and checking that the circuit breaker box is in good condition, that combustibles are stored away from potential ignition sources and that gas appliances and heaters are properly vented to the outside. A carbon monoxide test will be conducted as well.

To schedule a home safety inspection, call 412-343-3402. You can find some great home fire safety tips at www.home

plein_airPLEIN TO SEE Plein Air Mt. Lebanon is set for September 29 through October 6, when artists from all over the country will flock to Mt. Lebanon to paint outdoor scenes for a juried competition and sale. New this year, according to Commercial Districts Manager Eric Milliron, is an installation of art from the school district in the Municipal Building. Additionally, artists will spend one day on Mt. Washington and in Downtown Pittsburgh if they choose, to add to the variety of art available. Other events from last year’s successful exhibition will be back this year too. Watch upcoming issues of this magazine for details.