update from the staff

This morning’s staff meeting included a presentation by IT Chief Nick Schalles regarding how to determine if one’s personal computer has been affected by a virus that has been circulating for about a year and could wipe out your Internet.  Go to the FBI website, www.dns-ok.us.  If you see green, your computer is OK; if you see red,  follow the instruction on the site to “clean up” your computer   contact your anti-virus provider. We will be working with Schalles over the summer to find ways  he can share his considerable computer expertise  with the public through our various media.

Here are a few more highlights of the week:

THE VETERANS MEMORIAL DEDICATION drew about 500 people and went off seamlessly.  Public Information Office Susan Morgans, who coordinated the ceremony, expressed special thanks to the Marine Corps League, the South Hills Chorale, the Skibo Brass, and everyone who participated, including chairs Rocky Bleier, Dan Gigler and Wallace Workmaster, MC Jon Delano—and especially the many veterans who attended.   If you have not yet seen the Memorial lighted, take a drive by at night and appreciate its beauty.  Cheers once again to Duquesne Light for providing the $220 Power of  Light grant that augmented the $285,000 raised by the public for the memorial and made it a reality. Contributions are still needed.  If at least four $1000 conributions are received, we can add a fourth panel honoring donors and veterans.  Smaller contributions will be acknowledged in mtl magazine and will be used for perpetual maintenance. To contribute, go to www.mtlebanon.org and click on the flag.

THE SWIMMING POOL benefited from last weekend’s hot weather.  Rec Department Head David Donnellan reported that 3,683 people visited the pool opening weekend. The  lifeguards are wearing uniforms this year, making them more visible and improving safety.

POLICE OUTREACH will expand as the result of a recent focus group with various community stakeholders.  Chief Coleman McDonough says  MLPD will introduce some new safety training for residents of Asbury Heights, the Devonshire and perhaps other senior communities in December.

ROAD WORK IS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE, says Public Works Director Tom Kelley.  Reconstruction will finish up this week on Sunrise and move on to Driftwood next week.  Resurfacing—a simpler, less time-consuming process—should start in a three weeks.  Residents of the affected streets will receive detailed letters with specific instructions. For an overview of roadwork  planned this summer and where, click on “features,” on this website and go to Merle’s Jantz’s June story, “Who’s up Next?” Kelly also says that foresters have applied serum for emerald ash disease to 29 of the 500 plus trees that are to receive the treatment that may save them.  Unfortunately, emerald ash trees with canopies already  decimated by the pest will need to be taken down.

INVITATIONS FOR THE CENTENNIAL PARADE are in the mail.  Fire Chief Nick Sohyda has invited 85 groups/individuals to participate in the parade, which will take place Saturday, Sept. 8, beginning at 3 p.m.  and will end with a family friendly street party Uptown. We expect a great turnout.

THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN UPDATE  is under way. Planned Keith McGill, who currently is working with the consultant to assemble various committees, says the planshould take 12-14 months. It will serve as the foundation for policies and actions over the coming decade.   There will be plenty of opportunities for public input.   Go to http://www.mtlebanon.org/index.aspx?nid=2063 or https://www.facebook.com/ElevateMtLebanon to find opportunities to participate or to track the progress of the plan.

FRESH MARKET  should get its final approval at the next commission meeting.  There were no objections posed at Monday evening’s public hearing to the plan for the market, which will begin excavation and construction at the former Roth Carpet location on Cochran Road.

A SPECIAL PUBLIC MEETING is planned for Monday, June 11 at 6:30 p.m. to allow additional public input on  potential recreation capital expenditures that might be made with unassigned funds that this year  exceed the municipality’s established goal of 10 percent of expenditures. The recommended projects total $909,560.  The required budget amendment process has begun.  To review the projects and improvements under consideration, go to  http://www.mtlebanon.org/index.aspx?nid=1522

THE FIRST FIRST FRIDAY  is tomorrow evening, June 1. Hope to see you there.