2023 Popular Annual Financial Report

The entire 2023 Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) can be found in the May 2024 issue of Mt. Lebanon Magazine, on the Mt. Lebanon website and through an e-book. Below is the Manager’s Message and introduction to the theme of this year’s report: Eras.

Manager’s Message

You’ll find over these 16 pages our Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) for the 2023 fiscal year. The colorful document is published as a requirement of Mt. Lebanon’s Home Rule Charter and is distributed to all residents and the public at large, in print and online. Its primary purpose is to show how the municipality spent your tax money and how we delivered services to you. You do not need any kind of financial background to decipher this report. It is designed to appeal to everyone and it is written in plain language.

I am pleased to say that 2023 was a good year for Mt. Lebanon. Not only did we finish the year with strong, solid finances, we completed strategic planning work that will help set the roadmap for the municipality for the next 10 years. From the infrastructure upgrade of Washington Road, our Main Street, to the completion of our Comprehensive Plan, to a brand new municipal website, the results of our work is apparent to all.

In 2023, we spent considerable time, energy and resources on the critical essential services that our residents have come to depend on every day: highly trained public safety professionals, time-saving technology, infrastructure improvements such as reconstructed and resurfaced roads, traffic calming, sidewalk improvements and a new five-year trash and recycling collection contract that maintains the high level of service residents expect and deserve.

My commitment to you is that I will continue to work every day to keep Mt. Lebanon a forward-thinking leader in service. When I work with tax dollars, I never forget that it is your money, and I always look for efficient, cost-effective ways to achieve exemplary results, with a goal of improving your quality of life. Our standards for responsible spending have always been—and remain— remarkably high. I am proud to serve you and grateful for your support.

Our staff joins me in that feeling. I thank them for their commitment to constantly getting better at what they do. And whenever we have open positions, I am always looking to recruit the best and brightest talent to join us in raising the bar ever higher.

This 2023 PAFR highlights our fiscal responsibility and explains how your local government uses tax dollars to maintain and enhance all the programs, facilities and services for residents, property owners and visitors. Should you want to take a deeper dive into our financial big picture, I invite you to read more detailed information in the 2023 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, available at www.mtlebanon.org.

As always, I remain thankful for the many residents who love Mt. Lebanon and regularly participate in the public process. Let this serve as your invitation to contact me if I can ever be of service at 412-343-3684 or kmcgill@mtlebanon.org.

Keith A. McGill Municipal Manager

Mt. Lebanon — Eras

Over the last few years, the court of public opinion has swung back and forth across many topics, but no matter your views, tastes or experiences, one undeniable fact emerged in 2023: Taylor Swift dominated as a pop culture and music icon, pulling together fans of all ages and across many platforms, from recorded music to live concerts to film. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour hit $1.04 billion in sales in 2023, making it the highest grossing concert tour in history and the first to pull in more than $1 billion. Just her merch alone racked up $200 million in sales. Tay was Spotify’s most-streamed artist of 2023, with 26.1 million global streams.

Mt. Lebanon had its own superlatives in 2023 as well. We cut the ribbon on a new $4 million streetscape for Washington Road, we launched a completely new website, we completed a new 10-year Comprehensive Plan, we swore in a new police chief and two new deputy police chiefs and our fire department responded to a record 2,100 incidents. Our tax office had a collection rate on current real estate taxes of more than 98 percent.

There’s lots of important details in this report and all of it speaks to our excellent Reputation. Please take some time to read to see how your tax dollars are being spent. Thanks for joining us on this tour of 2023 (Mt. Lebanon’s Version).

Read the full 2023 PAFR here.