a mt. lebanon mural

David Csont, a Mt. Lebanon resident and veteran architectural illustrator, now has his artwork memorialized on St. Clair Hospital’s fourth floor patio as a large, 12-feet by 46-feet mural.

St. Clair Hospital commissioned the Csont painting, and six others, during 2014’s Plein Air Mt. Lebanon event, when more than 20 artists took to the streets of Mt. Lebanon and Pittsburgh with easels in tow. The week-long event culminated in the display and sale of the artwork. St. Clair Hospital has been a major sponsor of the event. Csont, a member of the Mt. Lebanon Partnership, helped to organize Plein Air Mt. Lebanon, a neighborhood festival of the arts held each fall.

The original artwork by David Csont
The original artwork by David Csont

The painting is a panorama of Mt. Lebanon’s landscape, with houses scattered among a tree-covered set of small hills. The St. Clair mural, installed on corrugated metal sheets and running the length of the patio, overlooks a small outdoor space popular in sunny weather. Patients, employees, visitors, physicians and the general public all frequent Café 4, a salad bar and eatery near the main entrance of the hospital; the café opens onto the patio, where anyone can eat or just relax, now with Csont’s large Mt. Lebanon scene adding to the tranquil aura.

St. Clair Hospital first broke ground in 1951, and has been an integral part of the South Hills community for more than 60 years.

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