a penne raised is a penne earned

It’s too bad Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs wasn’t a Disney movie because that would have made a perfect lead for this piece. The Mt. Lebanon Marching Blue Devils funded last week’s trip to Disney World partly through their annual spaghetti dinner, where a bunch of parents and band members cook up huge vats of pasta, toss enormous bowls of salad and push dessert carts loaded down with goodies as they transform the high school cafeteria into a trattoria Italiano for the night.

The band delivered dinner and entertainment.
The band delivered dinner and entertainment.

The trip was originally snowed out, but fair weather prevailed and the Blue Devils took Florida last week. Look for a story by band blogger Kathryn Mellett on how the trip went, but to everyone out there who sat down to a plate of  spaghetti and meatballs to send the kids on their way, mille grazie, buon appetito, and the only other Italian we know,  l’umidità arriverà nelle vostre ossa (“the humidity gets into your bones.” Never know when you might need that one).

Band members played waitresses for the night.

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Photography be George Mendel