A place for creators

Studio interior
Dyan Dolfi-Offutt’s The TEN Studio is a place for a photo shoot, a book launch party and other creative endeavors.

Dyan Dolfi-Offutt has always been a bit of a dreamer.

The owner of The TEN Studio, a one-of-a-kind creative space at 433 Cochran Road, knows life is about taking risks. “I followed a dream and it worked out for me, but it wasn’t easy,” she said.

Now, she’s hoping her new business venture will help build and cultivate a community of small businesses and creatives while giving them the confidence to follow their dreams.

The TEN Studio is a place for photographers to stage a photo shoot, for authors to hold a book launch, makers to hold a pop-up or a business looking for a place to hold client meetings.

Woman standing at entrance to business
The TEN Studio owner Dyan Dolfi-Offutt

Born and raised in Pittsburgh’s South Hills, Dolfi-Offutt moved to Los Angeles right out of college and ran a successful public relations firm for over a decade before returning home to her roots.

After she had her son five years ago and started juggling career and motherhood, she wanted to raise him in Pittsburgh, around family. Many of her friends were also moving away from Los Angeles at the time.

“It was such a beautiful place to find myself and there are so many opportunities there, so I was able to learn so much and build a very successful company, but we decided to move back here,” she said.

She and her husband decided to settle in Mt. Lebanon, off Beverly Road. “Growing up in the South Hills, I always loved this area. I wanted a home with character and I wanted to be able to walk to get coffee. I love the fact that it’s a walkable community with one of the best school districts in the state,” she said.

Dolfi-Offutt soon realized there’s a rich, creative small business community in the South Hills with the need for a space.

In addition to studio rental and events, The TEN studio offers coaching and consulting for small businesses and teams. Dolfi-Offutt wants to leverage her 15-plus years of experience to help local businesses build healthier and happy teams and staff, while also providing support for marketing and public relations plans.

The TEN is available for rent 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the possibility of rentals on evenings and weekends.

Photography courtesy Cristin Goss