about this issue

Many people who feel lucky to live in Mt. Lebanon want to give something back.  A few people may set a sweeping goal: I want to make this town a better place. But my guess is that most of us start out with smaller but still worthy goals: I’ll be a buddy for a classmate with a disability…  I’ll bring the snacks for the preschool party…  I’ll chaperon the teen center… I’ll pick up the litter in front of my store… I’ll try out for the travel soccer team…  I’ll plant flowers in the circle at the end of my street… I’ll shovel my neighbor’s walk… I’ll audition for the school musical… I’ll work on the capital campaign at church… I’ll serve on a municipal board or authority… I’ll be a soccer coach, a scout leader or a volunteer firefighter…

Happily, such small personal goals often turn into things that make Mt. Lebanon a better place. A good turn evolves into a volunteer career; a paying job turns into an avocation that makes a lifelong impact on many; an athlete or artist’s performance engenders community pride; someone’s call for charity causes many to dig deep into their pockets.

Good things like this happen in part because people who give not only enjoy pleasing others, but often can take pride in the new skills they acquire and the untapped talents they discover in the process. Good things also happen because organizations reach out to people who are capable, reliable and can’t say “no” when a need arises. And good things happen because people accept responsibilities, vow to do things the right way and see their projects to completion.

Mt. Lebanon is fortunate to have hundreds, maybe thousands, of residents who give back as much as they can with the limited time they have. In this issue we spotlight a few people who have gone the extra mile this year (and in some cases for many years) to make this town a “community with character,” as we like to say. The people our staff selected are passionate about good government, sports, education, the arts, the environment, local history, historic preservation and honoring our veterans. Each is very special, but none is unique; they represent all of you who contribute to the greater good of Mt. Lebanon.

It is impossible to personally thank everyone who has shared his or her time and talents this year. But please know we are grateful, not only for the eight “People Who Made A Difference in 2011” (see story, page 32) but also for the many, many residents just like them!

Susan Fleming Morgans
Editor in Chief