Ballerinas of Pittsburgh

Reese Sullivan, Carnegie Music Hall

t. Lebanon Magazine photographer and Williamsburg Road resident Linda Hackett is working on a long-term project that highlights current and former ballet dancers in various locations across the city. The dancers are from dance companies and local ballet and dance studios and academies in the area.

About Ballerinas of Pittsburgh:

The Ballerinas of Pittsburgh Project is a compilation of photographs of current and former contemporary and classical ballet dancers whose strength, flexibility, athleticism and elegant lines complement the creative, artistic and architectural structures and spaces found throughout the City of Pittsburgh.

Brianna Renfrew, Point Park University Water Wall
Lindsay Piper, Winged House, Northside
Abby Porretta, Hot Metal Bridge

My inspiration:

Inspired by my daughter, a classically trained ballerina, and by my former life as a finance attorney, assisting entities in obtaining funding to build new structures throughout the city of Pittsburgh, the project combines the beauty and grace of the dancer with the beauty of my city.

Janie Neavin, Carnegie Mellon University
Nicole Jamison, North Shore Riverfront Park Water Steps
Leah Bailey, Chatham University

My process:

Working closely with each dancer, we select a meaningful location that highlights the elegance of the dancer within the city backdrop. The goal is to take photographs of 240 dancers in 240 locations throughout the city. Currently, 36 dancers have been photographed. Only 204 more to go.

Reese Lockwich, Stephen Foster Memorial