Boards & Authorities

Mt. Lebanon is always on the lookout for talented volunteers for its boards and authorities. The commission appoints members to a total of 18 boards and authorities. Applicants usually are considered during the first three months of the year, as most terms expire March 31. A common application for boards is available at the municipal building, 710 Washington Road, and

It is best to apply for a specific board rather than all. Here is a list of boards and authorities, and the staff liaisons.


Hears appeals regarding disciplinary actions and dismissals of sworn police and fire department contract employees. Hears appeals regarding the applicants to such positions, either through appointment or promotion. Supervises the overall appointment and promotion process for sworn police and fire department positions. Meets as needed. Aaron Lauth, 412-343-4015


Reviews codes affecting construction in Mt. Lebanon. Advises the Commission about present and projected policies and procedures pertaining to the enforcement of such codes. Serves as a Board of Appeals for the International Codes. Reviews revised editions of all building, fire prevention and housing codes that exist within the municipality. Meets as needed. Rodney Sarver, 412-343-3475


Advises the Commission in connection with the board’s mission of promoting and ensuring a high quality of life for all residents. Encourages compliance with all laws regarding the rights of citizens. Functions in a conciliatory manner pertaining to problems that may arise among neighbors or regarding citizen rights. Meets at 6 p.m., on the second Wednesday of the month. Robyn Vittek, 412-531-1912


Advises the Commission about economic and community development with a view to attracting and retaining private and public investment. Conceives, evaluates and facilitates economic growth strategies. Meets at 7:30 a.m., last Friday of the month. Eric Milliron, 412-343-3412


Advises the Commission on matters relating to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, including proactive programs, goods and services such as: exploring programs and practices that promote environmental awareness; monitoring municipal environmental efforts; promoting environmental and energy awareness in the community, and recommending implementation strategies for energy efficiency and environmentally improved practices for municipal facilities and programs. Meets at 7:30 p.m., second Thursday of the month. Bonnie Cross, 412-343-3625


Receives and investigates and may pass on complaints of discriminatory practices in employment, housing and public accommodation. May study the problems of discrimination and foster, through community effort or otherwise, goodwill among groups and elements of the population of Mt. Lebanon. Meets as needed. Bonnie Cross, 412-343-3625


Advises the Commission on matters relating to preservation of the community’s historic built environment, including: identifying significant structures or sites within the municipality; recommending nominations for historic designations; monitoring developments in historic preservation and educating Mt. Lebanon property owners on preservation issues. Meets at 5 p.m., third Monday of the month. Laura Pace Lilley, 412-343-3552


Serves as a funding vehicle to finance improvements to St. Clair Hospital using the municipality’s tax-exempt status. Meets once a year in January. Keith McGill, 412-343-3684


Engages in short- and long-range planning and determines goals and policies for library governance. Oversees the expenditure of municipal, Regional Asset District and state funds. Meets at 7 p.m., third Tuesday of the month. Robyn Vittek, 412-531-1912


Reviews parking studies and plans. Reviews information concerning parking demands and facilities repairs/replacement issues. Recommends strategies and technologies for more efficient use of parking resources. Reviews parking facilities problems and opportunities in business districts. Recommends a five-year capital improvement plan. Meets quarterly at 6 p.m., fourth Thursday January, April, July and October. Rudy Sukal, 412-343-3869


Inventories parks and existing facilities. Recommend policies, programs and funding for park aesthetics and development. Reviews park programming. Promotes resource preservation. Works to fundraise, including recommending public/private partnerships. Meets at 6:30 p.m., first Tuesday of the month. Rudy Sukal, 412-343-3869


Makes recommendations to the Commission regarding the investment of funds in the municipality’s three pension plans, which are managed by an independent investment consultant. Reviews fund performance and other investment matters. Meets quarterly. Dates are advertised. Andrew McCreery, 412-343-3949


Reviews plans presented to the municipality for construction, development and redevelopment. Makes recommendations on matters regarding planning and zoning. Reviews and recommends zoning ordinance amendments. Prepares subdivision and land development regulations. Reviews site and development plans. Meets at 7 p.m., third Tuesday of the month. Ian McMeans, 412-343-3620


Recommends possible changes/improvements to sports-related facilities. Helps ensure that residents and others who use municipal programs and facilities are provided with safe athletic opportunities. Supports and promotes sports-related programs and services. Meets at 8 p.m., first Thursday of the month. David Donnellan, 412-343-4519


Makes recommendations to the Commission to improve traffic conditions. Receives and investigates citizen requests pertaining to traffic and parking. Recommends to the Commission and manager the means to improve the administration and enforcement of traffic laws. Reviews traffic regulations and controls. Works with the traffic consultant in the preparation of traffic studies.  Meets at 7 p.m., first Wednesday of the month. Mark Rayburg, 412-440-2051


Hears and decides upon appeals to the Mt. Lebanon Zoning Ordinance. Hears and decides on requests for variances and special exceptions. Meets at 7:30 p.m., every four weeks, on Thursday.  Rodney Sarver, 412-343-3475