carmike at galleria to serve beer and wine

In Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega, portrayed by John Travolta, was thrilled with the concept of buying a beer in a movie theater in Amsterdam. Now you will be able to buy a beer (or cup of wine) with your popcorn when you take in a movie at the Galleria theaters. The Carmike Galleria 6, which has been recently renovated to add stadium seating, has applied for a liquor license transfer to be able to sell beer and wine at its concession stand, following in the footsteps of other Pittsburgh theaters, such as the Manor in Squirrel Hill and Loew’s in the Waterfront.

The theater’s counsel, lawyer Mark F. Flaherty, spoke at a public hearing where he told residents that theater staff would be trained by a Liquor Control Board-certified program. The theater will have a 100 percent card policy, which means everyone purchasing a drink must go to the concession stand (no wait staff) to show ID to be run through an electric scanner to confirm its validity. Patrons are only permitted to buy one drink at a time and are not permitted to give the drink to anyone else, with ushers checking theaters to make sure there are no violations and no over-served patrons.

Flaherty said the six-auditorium theater will not have a bar and will not compete with the other purveyors in the Galleria, but that the theater company was moving toward making alcohol available in many of its locations. He expects alcohol sales to be less than 1 percent of sales at the Galleria theaters. Sales will stop 30 minutes into the evening’s latest running feature. “Generally, people will not have more than one or two,” he said.